Dear gentle internet surfer,

Quartett Booking openend in July 2004 and closed down in November 2017. It had it's time.
I am now working as a booking agent and promoter at dq agency, while co-running the label Späti Palace,
drumming for Strand Child and Hayung and djing as Made Of Win And Gold occasionally. You can
google it yourself, I'm sure, and find my new contact information there. Thank you!

All the best,


Robert Hillebrand
Warthestr. 42a
12051 Berlin

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established in July 2004, closed down November 2017

6pm, Air Castles, Alps, Caterva, Celsius Panda, Condre SCR, Dad Rocks!, Ef, Epithets, Fall.Joelle, Great Eskimo Hoax, Happiness, Hellraiserten, Highest Sea, Kid Ikarus, Leander, Liger, Luise Pop, Malmoe, Me Succeeds, Mimas, Mobile, Mohna, Mother Of The Unicorn, Norton, Once We Were, Peter Kernel, Pilots, Rue Royale, Samuraj Cities, Sea Of Love, Smjckpt, Stafraenn Hakon, Strand Child, Sunday Parlours, The ABC Club, The Mouse Folk, This Mess Is Mine, Trains On Fire, Ueki, Umiumi, Under Languid Lights, Uphill Racer.

6pm, Aerial, A Heart Is An Airport, Airpeople, Alcoholic Faith Mission, Alexi Murdoch, Allie, Arms And Sleepers, Beat! Beat! Beat!, Beta, Brangelina, Blind Terry, Botschaft, Boy Omega, Candelilla, Cats In Paris, Champions, Codes In the Clouds, Condre SCR, Dropout Patrol, Dust Covered Carpet, Ef, Emanuel And The Fear, Future Fluxus, Garda, Gary, Great Eskimo Hoax, Grey Television, Happiness, Hellraiserten, Immanu El, Itaca, It's A Musical, Jack Beauregard, Jersey, Jim Kroft, Klez.e, Kyte, Leander, Liger, Me Succeeds, Mile Me Deaf, Mimas, Mobile, Mohna, Norman Palm, Norton, Once We Were, Phantogram, Pilots, Polite Sleeper, Railcars, Red Drapes, Rökkurro, Rue Royale, Samba, Slow Steve, Sophia (Robin Propper Shepard solo), Solander, Stafraenn Hakon, Strand Child, Supershirt, Talking To Turtles, Telekaster, The Depreciation Guild, The Mouse Folk, Touchy Mob, Use Your Fucking Headphones, Who Knew, Windmill, Yamon Yamon ... and many more.